Principles of personal data processing of MTÜ

Valid from 1 October 2019

The non-profit association MTÜ (hereinafter processes your personal data in accordance with these principles of personal data processing to ensure the protection of your personal data and your rights arising from the law.

Personal data processing includes all activities related to your data, including the storage of, replying to and forwarding to third parties of the messages and contact details provided by you.

1. We process personal data only on the following grounds:

1.1. if you have given your express consent for personal data processing by registering as a user of and the processing does not exceed the limits of your consent;

1.2. if processing is necessary for the performance of the contract concluded between you and;

1.3. if processing is necessary to protect an interest which is essential for your or another person’s life;

1.4. in other cases only if the obligation or right to process arises from the law.

2. We process personal data only to the following extent and for the following purposes:

2.1. Your contact details to send notifications and collect overall statistics, including:
2.1.1. name;
2.1.2. gender;
2.1.3. username;
2.1.4. e-mail;
2.1.5. date of birth;
2.1.6. residence at the level of city or county;
2.2. Other data disclosed by you to the counsellor during the counselling service.

3. You have the right:

3.1. to receive information about whether or not processes your personal data and, upon request, we will provide you the following information:
3.1.1. the categories of data processed;
3.1.2. the purpose of processing;
3.1.3. whether and to which third parties your data is transmitted;
3.1.4. the estimated processing and storage period of data.
3.2. to seek the rectification or erasure of your personal data if they are incomplete or incorrect.
3.3. to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, in which case, is obliged to stop the processing of the personal data processed on the basis of consent.
3.4. In the event of a dispute regarding the implementation of any right related to personal data processing or the illegal processing of personal data, we undertake to limit the processing of the relevant personal data until resolution of the dispute.

4. General principles of data processing

4.1. We follow the principle of data minimisation in the processing of data. We undertake to delete all personal data that we have no grounds to process or for which there is no longer a basis.
4.2. Personal data are only transferred to third party counsellors with whom has concluded confidentiality contracts. If you have indicated during registration that you would like to remain anonymous, the counsellor will only be able to see your username. In addition to legal requirements, the counsellors also follow the ethical requirements of the Union of Estonian Psychologists and the ethical principles of the counsellors of [link].
4.3. After the end of the counselling period, counsellors are required to destroy any possible data on the basis of which it would be possible to identify your identity.
4.4. We will disclose your personal data to other third parties only if we suspect that your actions may endanger your own or someone else’s well-being or health.
4.5. We do not collect cookies on your visit to the website of
4.6. We only process your personal data within the European Union and no personal data will be transferred outside the European Union.

5. Contact details and final provisions

5.1. The controller or the person who has determined the purposes and principles of personal data processing is MTÜ (registry code 80333715) located at Näituse 2, Tartu.
5.2. If you feel that the principles of personal data processing were violated during the processing of your personal data, you wish to exercise any of the rights related to the processing of your personal data or you have other questions or complaints regarding personal data processing, contact us at info[at] We will process your requests and complaints as soon as possible; however, in the case of more complex requests, the processing may take up to 30 days.
5.3. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate if you feel that violates or has violated your rights during personal data processing. Complaints can be lodged on the website of the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate at, via e-mail info[at] or by phone +372 627 4135.