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Background and objectives

In our practical work at we see that young people often lack both the knowledge and courage to turn to professional help. Even with severe difficulties like depression or attempted suicide, they are often resistant to seeing a mental health specialist. Mental disorders are stigmatised, and young people do not have enough knowledge about them. wishes to contribute to making psychological help accepted in society. With that aim in mind, we have been carrying out a training program since 2011.  

The objective of the training program is to explain the nature of psychiatric and psychological help and to highlight connections between mental and physical health.  By raising awareness about mental disorders and the possibilities of finding psychological help, we hope to encourage young people to pay more attention to their mental health and seek help when necessary.

Rural areas are one of NGO’s priorities, and they are where we direct most of our trainings. We believe that because psychological help and related information are especially difficult to obtain in the countryside, it is important to make an effort to bring psychological information and awareness to those areas. 

The trainings take place at schools. One training is usually carried out by two trainers. The future trainers are psychology and medical students, who also go through a training themselves, on how to perform in front of young people and present their ideas. We have created two trainings that differ somewhat in their specific emphasis.

Training 1

This training was created through cooperation between members of and a professional training manager, Uku Visnapuu. It is an active learning program that engages the students and encourages their participation, thus differing in many ways from their ordinary lessons. The aim of the training is to raise students’ awareness of the nature of psychological help: what it is, when it is needed and where to turn for help. The target group is adolescents in 6th-12th grade. 

 Training 2

This training is a cooperativeon project with Estonian Medical Students’ Association (EAÜS). The goal is to normalise mental disorders in society and to distribute information about what psychiatric diagnosis and treatment means. Because there is more information to be imparted in this training, it relies less on active learning methods—though it is not entirely in a lecture format either. The target group is high school students, 9th-12th grade. The training is carried out by a psychology student and a medical student.  

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